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DigitalTec Solutions offers sports video analysis software from Sportstec such as SportsCode Gamebreaker, SportsCode, Trak Performance and CODA.
SportsCode Gamebreaker V10
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Sports Video Analysis Coaching Software

DigitalTec Solutions offers sports video analysis software from Sportstec for video performance analysis using the SportsCode video coaching tool.

DTS Video Announces: Sportstec Gamebreaker Plus version 10 has arrived

DTS Video is excited to announce the arrival of Gamebreaker Plus V10: an upgrade to your current version of SportsCode Gamebreaker.
DTS Video announces the arrival of SportsCode Gamebreaker V10 sports video analysis software.
Gamebreaker version 10 is packed with new features that greatly add to each aspect of your team strategy such as immediate video feedback during practice, new coding and capture possibilities, analyzing video over a number of games, and easier, more valuable player instruction post-game.

For instance,

Instance Notes

Add notes to
individual clips
that can be
seen when
the clip plays.

Send the
videos any
way you
like such as DVD, email, iPod and know your message is added with it.

Gamebreaker V10: Want to Know More?
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Video Analysis in Education Settings
Extend the video performance analysis capabilities of SportsCode to the realm of education with Studiocode. Flexible enough to work across your entire campus…
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Find SportsCode Gamebreaker and other SportsCode sports video analysis tools from Sportstec at Digital Tec Solutions.
SportsCode Gamebreaker is part of a suite of sports video analysis tools from Sportstec: coaching software to suit your team's needs.
“Sportscode Gamebreaker has revolutionized how we analyze and break down our game and that of our opponents. Its functionality and practicality has allowed us to be so much more specific with our players in all phases of the game. From patterns and tendencies to set-plays and restarts, Gamebreaker is a key component of our success. Our players have truly benefitted from this tremendous software and I would recommend any serious program to invest in this superb product.”
John Gall
Head Soccer Coach
FM Marcus High School, Texas
Back-to Back Class 5A State Champions 2007 & 2008

“Gamebreaker allows us to cut and edit our own games as well as our opponents leading into very efficient and clear cut team presentations. Thanks to GameBreaker video has become a vital part of our own growth as a team as well as must have in our pre game talks leading up to league or NCAA finals. The analysis and video controls allow us to control it to the extent that we need it.”
Tjerk van Herwaarden
Head Coach
Field Hockey
Harvard University

“We have continued to be impressed with the functionality of Gamebreaker. They have truly streamlined the editing process for us at Loyola. From the software, the ease of it's use to the customer support we feel lucky to have a relationship with the people of Gamebreaker!”
Charles Toomey
Head Coach
Men's Lacrosse
Loyola University of Maryland

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